Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PS3 Specials

Okay, so when I decided that I was going back to school I promised Martin that he could buy a new gaming computer. This was my way of saying "Sorry, I'll never be home....entertain yourself with videos games instead". So, we bought a PS3 that way I could at least enjoy Planet Earth in Blu-ray (which is awesome btw)

A few good deals going on right now:

1. Best Buy - $399, 80GB system + Ratchet and Clank + Socom Confrontation with bluetooth headset

2. - $499, 160 GB system + Uncharted Drake's Fortune ... compare that to $519 @ Best Buy .... yeah it's only $20...but hey I'm not rich and I like saving an extra $20

3. - $69.99, DualShock 3 Controller, Blu-Ray Remote and HDMI Cable ... again considering that a controller is $54.99, and the remote is $24.99 this is a good deal if you don't have this crap already.

What this is about

So. I've heard the cries. Everyone being scared that they won't know what deals are out there, or what's the next greatest thing to buy.

Have no fear! I'm a shopping addict and a deal hunter, and I'm always going to be this way whether I'm in Toronto, Montreal, or somewhere else.

I will be posting my greatest finds and taking questions from everyone in regards to my opinion on what to buy. I'll probably even post some rants since I was surprised to hear that ppl were going to miss my rants.

I hope I can fill the little void that I'm leaving with this blog my dear friends :)