Monday, April 19, 2010

Things that I miss

Okay, so turns out I do have a soft spot for Toronto after all.

Top 10 things that I miss about Toronto:

10.  The Ossington strip
Nothing beats a flight of tequilla from Reposado, or the random back dance room at Levac Bloc.  Also, who can pass up cookies at Delux?

9.  Shopping along West Queen West
Oh how I miss the trendy, emo hipsters that are part of the West Queen West world.  

8.  The Lakeshore Boardwalk
Torontonians forget that we actually do have a nice boardwalk to walk, bike and blade along.  I miss driving along the curvy windy lakeshore road, seeing the city appear slowly.  Next time skip the Gardiner and take the lakeshore.

7.  Riding on the street car
I didn't think i'd develop an appreciate for our streetcars.  Their dirty, noisy, and always late....but they're oh so unique to Toronto!  Now...if only dedicated street car lanes could be installed along Queen and King....

6.  Crazy ethnic food
Yeah, you know the crazy ethnic food is awesome.  Toronto's got all the ethnicities pretty well covered.  However, I admit, MTL does Thai food better.

5.  Court Volleyball clinics
I miss having Chris yell at me, and make me spike when I can barely lift my arm......oh how I miss being fit.

4.  Knowing all the fun places to eat and drink
I miss the fact that I can roll off a list of places to eat and drink on any given night.  I'm bringing a bi-weekly 5 a 7 to Toronto when I return!!!

3.  English (or Engrish depending on where you are)
I appreciate French, I really do.  But, I miss being able to hear, read, and speak English everywhere.  I even miss Engrish!  I was so excited seeing bad Engrish on a menu last time I was in Toronto....oh the little things.

2.  Our Condo
Martin says "Home is where your stuff is".  I miss our condo.  I miss ground floor access.  I miss being able to play Rock Band without noise complaints ... home is NOT where your stuff is!

1.  Yeah yeah yeah, you guessed it Family and Friends.
Y'all are not replaceable, and you understand my cynical, moody behaviour :)

I don't regret the move to MTL, in fact I think the move to MTL was awesome so I could get a different perspective of Toronto and everything else.  Everyone needs to live somewhere else once in their lives.  You don't need to be a world traveler, but stepping away every now and then is a good thing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apple OS4 information

Here we go with the new OS for the Apple iPhone.....and yes there's multitasking!  Follow Engadgets live blog for more details.

I will still not give up my android phone for an iPhone.  Speaking of Android, I've been using my new Milestone for about a month now, and my love affair for Motorola has started over again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still an HTC fan-girl, and trust me I was struggling at the thought of leaving my beloved Hero, but I'm really impressed with the thought that went into the Milestone.  So my Hero has found a good new home with Martin, who is now officially a convert and on the Android bandwagon.

BTW - I can still get deals with phones, so if you need a new phone let me know, and I will hook you up with a TELUS discount.