Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bixi Toronto

One of the first things Martin and I said when we saw Bixi in Montreal last summer was "OMG, this is so awesome, I hope it comes to Toronto"

Our wish is coming true....sort of.  As with any new endeavour, the City of Toronto is going about this very carefully.  Montreal actually had 2000 Bixi founding members.  Toronto needs 1000 members by November 30.

Are you planning to ride?  I hope so.  Here are the things that we found handy about it:
1.  You're too lazy to walk 20 mins, and feel too silly to pay $5 for a cab.  Take a Bixi!
2.  Transit doesn't quite take you to where you need to go.  Take a Bixi!
3.  You've thought about buying a bike, but your 750 sq-ft condo and small locker can't accomodate it.  Take a Bixi!
4.  You're late for work, the streetcar isn't appearing.......Take a Bixi!

.....  I think you get my point.  There are many awesome ways to use Bixi :)

Yes, the first year will have hiccups, but trust me the system works.  It's worth dealing with the headaches.  The Montreal system is 100X better this year than last, it's amazing what 1 year does.  But it only succeeds if people want it to succeed.

So sign up.  What's the worst that happens?  If Bixi doesn't roll out, you get your $107 back.  If it does roll out, you've got an elite swanky black key...oh is sexy.
Facebook group:  I will Bixi Toronto!
Facebook group:  Bixi Toronto
Twitter: bixitoronto

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