Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Bought an eReader

So we toyed with the idea of getting an eReader.  Martin was completely unconvinced that an eReader could take the place of his paperbacks.....until he got a hold of my brothers Kindle.

This quickly put us in the market for an eReader.  But which one?  We finally decided on the Nook, because the girl in me like the way it looked :)

It's great.  We love it.  Keep in mind though that the Nook isn't sold in Canada.  This means you have to get the WiFi only version, and you have to register your account with an American billing addresses.  However, you can use your Canadian credit card.  For $189US we are very happy.

BUT!  Amazon has just announced that August 27th it will start shipping it's new lighter Kindle.  I think it's very tempting, but think the Kindle is ugly...just my two cents.

Anyways, I've noticed a trend since we got the Nook.....I'm reading books again!  I have an actual interest in buying new books.  Please stop laughing now....seriously.

I like to read, but I always found a book store overwhelming.  Those who know me, know that I like to read reviews.  Will with eBooks you've got access to reviews and previews of the books right on the's awesome!  I can just shop from the comfort of my bed, and not have to go to a bookstore and sift through walls of books.  Be careful though, you can easily drop a lot of coin without realizing it!

Anyways, so far I've purchased two books which I recommend and have read lots and lots and lots of previews.

For the girls:  Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff .  I now have an appreciation for vintage clothing
For everyone:  Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern .  You will laugh so hard ppl will think you're crazy.

Let me know what books your reading, because now I have the urge to use my new toy!

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